Al Treilea Razboi Mondial

Al Treilea Razboi Mondial

sâmbătă, 26 iunie 2010

Previziunile unui savant Teolog -Ronald L. Conte Jr , pentru cel de-al Treilea Razboi Mondial


In continuare,vom posta pentru prima data,o varianta plauzibila a scenariului celui de-al Treilea razboi Mondial.Ronald L.Conte Jr este un expert teolog care studiaza scrierile biblice de peste 3 decenii.In prezent,pe langa activitatea sa de scriitor,se ocupa cu traducerea scrierilor biblice antice.
Ronald L.Conte Jr a realizat un scenariu a evenimentelor ce vor urma in urmatorii 30 de ani,la nivel mondial.De specificat ca acest scenariu se bazeaza EXCLUSIV pe argumente si informatii din scrierile biblice.Este adevarat insa ca si el,ca mai toti care au incercat sa descifreze anumite scrieri profetice,s-a hazardat sa atribuie fiecarui eveniment o data clara,un an specific in care acesta va avea loc.Personal cred ca ar fi trebuit sa specifice faptul ca aceste evenimente s-ar putea intampla intr-un interval de timp...mai larg(de ex: WW3 poate izbucni in intervalul 2010-2014,fara insa sa fie specificat un an exact ).Un lucru este insa cert:un om care este dedicat studiului teologiei de zeci de ani,ar trebui sa aiba toata increderea celor care au norocul sa descopere mesajul sau catre ceilalti,chiar daca evenimentele anticipate de acesta nu vor avea loc exact in anul in care s-ar fi asteptat.Poate ca WW3 nu va incepe in 2010 ..insa este pentru multi un lucru cert ca al Treilea Razboi Mondial va izbucni in anii ce vor urma.In continuare,scenariul descifrat de savantul Ronald L. Conte Jr:

Nota:Text original in limba engleza, netradus.

In the year 2010-2012 A.D.

* It is a year of great success for the prolife cause
* Pope Benedict XVI suggests building three places in Jerusalem, a Temple, a Church, and a Mosque, so that the three religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, can worship in peace in the City of Peace. (But it does not happen soon; instead there is war.)
* The Jews decide to build the Third Temple of Jerusalem
* There is war, insurrection, and coups among the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa. Extremist leaders fight against more moderate leaders, and the extremists win. If they cannot win by coups and insurrections, then one Arab nation attacks another in outright war.
* The war and the insurrections and coups end within the same year that they began. Then the leader of Iran and the leader of Iraq will have much power and influence over the other Arab/Muslim nations, all of which will be led by extremists.
* the holy Pope Benedict XVI dies.
* the holy Pope called 'Peter the Roman' by St. Malachy is elected. I think that he will be Cardinal Arinze and that he will take the name Pope Pius XIII.

* New York City will be struck by a nuclear bomb (not a missile; not a dirty bomb) sometime between June 1, 2010 and Dec 31, 2010, inclusive
You will make them like an oven of fire, in the time of your presence.
The Lord will stir them up with his wrath, and fire will devour them.
* World War 3 begins as a result of the nuclear attack on New York City
* World War 3 is the first horseman of the apocalypse and the first of the Seven Seals.
* World War 3 is a war in which the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa invade and conquer all of Europe, parts of Eastern Europe, parts of Scandinavia, and the northern part of Africa above the equator.
* The Arab forces will be unstoppable, except that they can be held above the equator.
* To the soldiers who will fight for the Allies in World War 3, I tell you sincerely:
The Arab forces can be stopped above the equator in Africa.

During the Reign of Pope Pius XIII (2010 to 2012)

* he will emphasize the authority of the Roman Pontiff
* he will emphasize the primacy of the Roman Catholic faith.
* he will use his temporal and spiritual authority against dissenters.
* he will require Catholics to believe and practice the Catholic faith in order to receive the Eucharist
* as a result, most Catholics will leave the Catholic faith during and soon after his reign (in the great apostasy)
* his reign lasts from 2010 to 2012
* in the year 2012, during World War 3, he will flee the Vatican at night, he will flee to a location to hide, but then he will be captured by the Arab forces, he will be taken to Syria, he will put on trial and be given an unjust verdict and sentence, he will watch as they kill members of the clergy in front of him. Then they will blind him by putting out his eyes. They will bind him and send him to prison in Iraq. Soon he will die in that prison in Iraq; no one will be able to rescue him.
* for a time, the Popes after him will not reign from Rome, until the year 2040, when the papacy returns to Rome.
* he is NOT the last Pope ever; there will be many more Popes and many centuries before Christ Returns.

In 2011 and 2012 A.D.

* World War 3 continues.
* The Arab forces attack and begin to invade Europe
* The U.S. fights along with its European allies
* The civil unrest, rioting, and street violence increases. This civil violence accompanies the violence of the war, but is much more widespread than World War 3; the civil unrest and violence spreads to nearly the whole world. This civil unrest is the second horseman of the apocalypse and the second of the Seven Seals.

In the year 2012 A.D.

* World War 3 continues.
* The Arab forces advance toward Rome
* Pope Pius XIII flees Vatican City at night, carrying his own bag on his shoulder, with other members of the clergy; and with soldiers to guard them. They are able to get away from Vatican City, but are pursued by the Arab forces and then captured. The Pope and some clergy are brought to Syria. Other members of the clergy from Syria are also held captive there. The Pope is put on trial, unjustly found guilty, and given an unjust sentence. The members of the clergy are put to death as the Pope watches; then they cut out his eyes, so that it is the last thing that he sees. Then they bind the Pope and take him to a prison in Iraq.
* The Arab forces capture Rome. They desecrate, burn, and destroy the churches of Rome. They also partially destroy Vatican City.

In 2012 or 2013 A.D.

* The Allies recapture the City of Rome
* It will be hailed as a great victory, but it will soon turn into a great defeat.
* Pope Pius XIII dies in prison in Iraq
* Two groups of Cardinals and Bishops each elect a pope: one is the true Pope and the other is a well-meaning but misguided antipope.

In the year 2013 A.D.

* The Pope of that time (the one after Pius XIII) and a prominent antipope (both elected contrary to the rules of UDG) will both go to Rome, each to bolster his claim to be the true Pope.
* In July of 2013, the Arab forces strike Rome and Vatican City with a nuclear missile; Vatican City will be completely destroyed. Both the true Pope and the antipope will be killed.
* The Arab forces continue their successful attacks in Europe.
* The great famine of the 21st century begins during the year 2013 (after the nuclear missile strike against Rome). This famine will be more severe in wealthy developed nations and less severe in poorer nations. It will be most severe in Europe. The great famine is the third horseman of the apocalypse and the third of the Seven Seals. It will last from mid 2013 to mid 2020. It will not end until the Protestant Churches repent and convert and unite with the Catholic Church.

In the year 2014 A.D.

* World War 3 continues. The Arab forces are unstoppable. After the nuclear strike on Rome, some nations surrender without a major battle. They fear a nuclear strike. The Allies are determined not to use nuclear weapons.
* The civil unrest, rioting, and criminal violence continues.
* The great famine increases in severity and becomes more widespread. Not until 2014 A.D. is the famine generally acknowledged to be a famine.
* Some people begin living sinfully and self-indulgently, out of fear that their lives may be short.
* Death from a variety of different causes is the fourth horseman of the apocalypse and the fourth of the Seven Seals. The causes of death are mainly related to the war, the civil unrest, and the famine.

In the year 2015 A.D.

* This year is the 2000th anniversary of the start of the Ministry of Jesus Christ (which began in fall of 15 A.D.)
* The Catholic Church begins to teach with ever greater clarity.
* The great famine reaches its greatest severity and its widest extent in this year.
* World War 3 continues, as does the civil unrest and violence.

In the year 2016 A.D.

* The Catholic Church reaffirms its teaching: reinforcing old doctrines and affirming new doctrines. Membership in the Catholic Church, which declined severely during and after the reign of Pope Pius XIII, begins to recover. The Pope of this time will decide to permit women to be ordained as deaconesses (but certainly not as priests or Bishops). This will begin in January of 2016.
* The great famine continues to be severe and widespread. Nothing can end the famine except the unification of all Christians in one holy Catholic Apstolic Church. The famine will not end until the Protestant Churches repent and convert and unite with the Catholic Church.
* Just as the prodigal son began to contemplate returning to his family during a famine, so also will the Protestant Churches begin to contemplate returning to unity with the Catholic faith during this great famine.
* World War 3 continues, as does the civil unrest and violence.
* At some point in time (about 2015 to 2017) the Arab forces turn more of their attention to conquering Africa. They have some success above the equator, but they CAN be stopped above the equator in Africa. They cannot be stopped in Europe, nor in the regions adjacent to Europe.

In the year 2017 A.D.

* The Catholic Church continues to teach boldly and clearly. The resurgence in membership is now apparent.
* The Protestant Churches, which had been considering some form of unity or cooperation with the Catholic Church, finally realize that they must repent and convert and return to unity with the Catholic Church: one faith, one Lord, one baptism
* World War 3 begins to wind down; it is clear that the Arab forces are unstoppable.
* The civil unrest begins to decrease.
* The great famine begins to lessen.

In the year 2018 A.D.

* The Catholic Church continues to teach, to recover lapsed members, and to win new converts.
* More and more Protestants begin to realize the need to repent and convert and unite with the Catholic Church.
* The end of World War 3 takes place during the two year period of time 2018/2019.
* The civil unrest continues to decrease.
* The great famine continues to lessen.

In the year 2019 A.D.

* The year 2019 is the 2000th anniversary of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
* The Church continues to teach and its membership continues to grow.
* The desire for conversion among the Protestant Churches continues to spread throughout the world.
* The end of World War 3 takes place during the two year period of time 2018/2019.
* The civil unrest continues to decrease.
* The great famine continuesto lessen.

In the years 2020 to 2023 A.D.

* The unification of the Protestant Churches with the Catholic Church occurs, taking 3.5 years, from mid 2020 to late 2023. The Protestant Churches accept one Pope and one Church; they accept the seven Sacraments and all the teachings of the Church.
* During unification, in the year 2022, a new Pope is elected who is not a Roman Catholic: he will be from one of the new branches of the Catholic Church, a convert from Protestantism. The conservative Latin Rite Catholics will not be pleased with him, but he is a true and valid Pope.
* The Church is restructured. By the end of the 3.5 years, the Church will have seven divisions within unity: one part for the Latin Rite, one part for the Eastern Churches, and five parts for the formerly Protestant Churches.
* World War 3, the civil unrest, and the great famine are past.
* The Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East have conquered and now control a vast territory: Europe, parts of eastern Europe, parts of Scandinavia, and the northern part of Africa above the equator. They consolidate their hold on the occupied territory.
* Comet Tempel 1 passes very close to Mars in mid November of 2021, and may break apart at that time.

In the years 2024 to 2029 A.D.

* The renewed holy Catholic Church wins many converts.
* The Arab/Muslims with authority over the occupation are upset with the unification of Christians in one Church. They begin to increase the persecution of Christians in the occupied territories.
* The Church thrives and grows amid this persecution.
* Some Catholics (not the new convert from Protestantism) are upset with the formerly Protestant Catholics. They are correct to apply the criticisms of the seven Churches of Asia to the seven parts of the renewed Church. But they are incorrect to argue against unification.
* This controversy about unification grows and is supported by some just complaints against the formerly Protestant Catholics, and other just complaints about overly conservative Latin Rite Catholics.

From the year 2028 to the year 2032 A.D.

* The Catholic Church holds an Ecumenical Council to reply to those who complain against the unification of the Protestant Churches with the Catholic Church. The Council decides that the unification is God's will. But it also corrects some abuses of doctrine and practice found within the seven branches of the Church.

In the years 2029 to 2033 A.D.

* The success of Christianity, even amid the persecution and hardships of the tribulation and the occupation, angers those who have power over the occupation.
* The fifth of the Seven Seals is the great martyrdom of the 2030's. The Arabs/Muslims who have power over the occupied territories increase their persecution of Christians until it is no longer a persecution, but a massacre. As the Holocaust was to the Jews, so also is this Great Martyrdom to the Christians. Clergy and religious will be hunted down and tortured. Millions of Christians in the occupied territories will be killed.
* The massacre of Christians spurs the United States and its Allies to undertake World War 4. This war is an all-out nuclear war, with the Allies making the first strike (using pure fusion weapons). The great Catholic monarch is the most prominent of the leaders among the Allies. The angelic shepherd, the very holy Pope of that time, also approves of this war.
* The Angelic Shepherd is Fr. Zlatko Sudac and he will take the name Pope Raphael (because the Church and the world need healing from God and His Angels).

In the years 2034 to 2037 A.D.

* The sixth of the Seven Seals is World War 4, an all-out nuclear war, which begins about 2034 and ends about 2037 A.D. The United States uses pure fusion weapons, but the Arab forces use fission-fusion weapons.
* The army of the great monarch is small, but they call upon the intercession of the Virgin Mary, and the help of the holy angels, so they are able to defeat a much larger force.
* The occupying forces are defeated in both the occupied lands and in their own lands.
* During or near the end of this war, the faithful are given the Seal of God on their foreheads; a visible sign of the favor of God.
* The great monarch and the angelic shepherd survive the war. The faithful want the great monarch to rule over the entire territory formerly held by the Arab/Muslim forces. But the politicians and the media oppose and ridicule this idea. They manage to convince people not to approve of this idea. But then ...

In the years 2038 A.D. to early 2040 A.D.

* The First Trumpet of the Seventh Seal - pieces of the broken Comet Tempel 1 fall to earth and burn up a third of the land area.
* The Second Trumpet of the Seventh Seal - one large piece of Comet Tempel 1 falls into the ocean and causes great destruction world wide.
* The Third Trumpet of the Seventh Seal - nuclear fall-out from World War 4 poisons one third of the waters on earth.
* The Fourth Trumpet of the Seventh Seal - nuclear winter, from World War 4 as well as from the fires caused by the broken Comet, reduces the light that reaches the earth, causing crop failure and freezing temperatures.
* The Fifth Trumpet of the Seventh Seal - something similar to locusts (probably supernatural in origin) torments for five months those who do not have the Seal of God on their foreheads.
* The Sixth Trumpet of the Seventh Seal - the Three Days of Darkness occurs on March 29, 30, 31 (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday) of 2040 A.D., during which one third of the world population will be killed supernaturally. Anyone caught outside or who goes outside, and anyone opening a window or door to the outside, during these three days will be killed. Some persons indoors will be killed by their own fear.
* But by the end of the three days of darkness, God will have miraculously healed the world of the lingering effects of the previous afflictions.

Beginning in the year 2040 A.D.

* After the Three Days of Darkness, those who survive will agree to allow the great Catholic monarch to rule over the entire territory formerly occupied by the Arab forces, including Europe, parts of Eastern Europe, part or all of Scandinavia, the entire Middle East, and northern Africa. Before the three days of darkness, the media and various prominent persons ridiculed the idea of the great monarch ruling over a vast territory, and the idea of the three days of darkness. And they had effectively convinced the nations not to allow it. But after the three days of darkness, those who survive agree to submit to the great monarch. The secular media have now utterly lost their power.
* The great monarch beings to rule over a vast territory. His kingdom places the Catholic faith above the government of the kingdom. His constitution and laws are based on the Catholic faith. His kingdom is not perfect, but it is the holiest kingdom that the world has yet seen.
* The angelic shepherd is the holy Pope of that time period. He will be able to work miracles through prayer and the intercession of the Virign Mary. He will teach the Faith with greater depth and insight than ever before. The Catholic Faith will hold great influence with all the nations of the world.
* The Church will rebuild a new Vatican City at Rome. The papacy returns to Rome in the year 2040 A.D. The center of authority in the Church will be Rome, and the center of worship in the Church will be Jerusalem.

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  2. Ai dreptate albanezule,sincer nici eu nu cred ca anul acesta s-ar intampla asa ceva.Dar asta nu inseamnca ca cele de mai sus sunt niste prostii.Greseala acestui savant este,ca si in cazul altora,ca se hazardeaza sa incadreze aceste evenimente intr-un interval de timp.Evident ca nimeni nu stie cand vor avea loc aceste evenimente,poate doar Dumnezeu.Ideea este insa ca o pers ca aceasta care studiaza de zeci de ani scrierile biblice,nu trebuie luiata peste picior.Eu cred ca ceea ce spune ele aici va avea loc candva,poate la anul,poate peste 3 ani poate peste 30.Desigur insa ,nu putem avea incredere in ceea ce spune el cu privire la anii cand vor avea loc.